We use an address verification system to ensure that method of payment used matches the billing address. Please validate that your current payment information is up to date. If not, you may have received an error message for one of the following reasons: 

  • The postal code entered doesn't match the postal code associated with your credit card
  • Insufficient funds on card
  • The security code doesn't match the code associated with the card
  • Your financial institution rejected the charge because they don't recognize address verification system (AVS)
  • Your financial institution rejected the payment because international purchases isn't enabled

Please try one of the following solutions:

  • Confirm the billing address associated with your account and re-enter your payment card information¬†
  • Contact your financial institution and confirm that the card that you are using supports "Address Verification System (AVS)
  • Non-US customers should confirm with their financial institution that their card is enabled for international purchases
  • Try using a different method payment

If you are still receiving an error message, please contact customer support