Apple has suggested that we consider enabling in app subscriptions, which is common among other SaaS services. 


In the interim, bug fixes are not being approved and both the iOS and tvOS apps were removed from the app stores for customers that have not already previously downloaded the apps. We are actively working to come to a favorable solution that suits the needs of our customers and our partners at Apple. 


Behind the scenes, we have been working towards enabling in app subscriptions for the iOS and tvOS platforms. Our developer team is putting the finishing touches on the in app subscriptions implementation. After we resubmit our applications, Apple will determine the timeline for when they will review and approve our updates. Apple's approval timeline will ultimately determine how long it will take before we are able to restore our app on their platforms. For now you, will need to use an alternative means to view the questionable content such as mobile Safari or Chrome. We completely understand that the iOS mobile browsers viewing experience isn't ideal, however, our developers are focusing their efforts on having the apps restored as soon as possible.

We value our relationship with Apple and apologize for the inconvenience. Please provide us with your contact information and we will contact you just as soon as the apps are restored. 

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