HIDIVE is pleased to announce that Chromecast is now available for Android devices!


What devices can I stream from?

  • Chromecast is currently support on Wi-Fi enabled Android 4.1 or later smartphones and tablets.

*Please note that iOS devices, Google Chrome web browsers, and browser extensions are currently not supported. *

What devices can I stream to?

  • Chromecast receiver devices (Gen 1, Gen2, and Ultra)
  • TVs with built in Chromecast. Supported TVs can be found here.


  • Currently Chromecast will stream shows and movies in resolutions up to 1080p.

Supported Regions

  • There are no region restrictions. However, Chromecast will not work if you have a VPN enabled.

Subtitles and Audio

  • Chromecasts supports yellow subtitles only, alternative audio (dubbing, other languages).

General Support

Please use the following links to address any questions related to Chromecast setup and support.