HOUSTON, TX — September 8, 2021 — Today HIDIVE announced it will exit its channel partner arrangement with VRV to enable HIDIVE to focus on its owned and operated platforms.  

“While we have greatly enjoyed our channel partnership and our nearly 3-year run with VRV, it’s time for HIDIVE to re-focus our efforts toward HIDIVE owned and operated services,” said HIDIVE president and founder John Ledford. “HIDIVE will continue to stream the anime fans love most while expanding HIDIVE’s ability to reach fans however they choose to consume that exciting content.”

Since its founding in 2017, HIDIVE has streamed anime to suit a host of genres and tastes, including fan-favorites such as Food Wars!, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Akame ga Kill! and the Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? franchise. HIDIVE streams the latest and greatest in simulcasts, live-action projects and gems from the past along with an ever-expanding selection of English-dubbed material.

Fans who discovered HIDIVE’s content through VRV can continue to enjoy their favorite titles on HIDIVE by visiting https://www.hidive.com/signup, where they can experience their first 14 days of HIDIVE free of charge. Current VRV subscribers with an a la carte HIDIVE subscription will receive an email from VRV with a direct link to the HIDIVE signup form.

For more information on upcoming shows, visit HIDIVE at www.hidive.com and follow us on social media:

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