What exactly is VRV?

VRV (pronounced “verve”) is a media platform that offers a convenient, aggregated streaming experience for viewers. How? By having many channels such as Crunchyroll, Cartoon Hangover and NickSplat all in one place. Now, HIDIVE is joining the party as well!


So, what does all this mean?

This means HIDIVE will have its own channel on VRV in addition to our standalone service. Just think of it as another platform you can watch HIDIVE on! Our channel will also be available in the VRV Premium channel bundle.


Has anything changed with HIDIVE as a company?

Not at all! We’re still the same independent media company offering a robust catalog for our viewers.

Why isn’t everything on HIDIVE currently available on VRV?

At this early stage, we are in the process of provisioning our catalog onto our VRV channel, which takes time. Rest assured, more titles are coming– fast. We’ll quickly have our entire catalog available on VRV. Yes, that includes our uncensored content.


Will the HIDIVE channel be part of VRV’s free subscription package?

For now, HIDIVE is exclusive to the VRV Premium subscription packages.


I’m already subscribed to HIDIVE. Can I link my existing account to VRV?

Not at this time. If you wish to access HIDIVE from VRV, you’ll have to sign up for a VRV membership.


Do I need to subscribe to BOTH HIDIVE and VRV to access your channel on VRV?

Nope! You’ll only need a VRV subscription in that scenario.


Is access to your VRV channel included as part of my HIDIVE subscription?

Sorry, no.

Is access to your standalone service included as part of my VRV subscription?

It is not.


I have an existing subscription to both HIDIVE and VRV. What should I do?

You should contact our support team for any HIDIVE related questions and VRV’s support team for any VRV related questions.


I already have an annual HIDIVE subscription. But I want to use VRV instead of your standalone service. What do I do?

At this time, we are unable to enable cross-authentication between HIDIVE and the VRV platform. For additional information regarding this matter, you should contact our support team.

Where is VRV available?

VRV is available on iOS phones/iPads, Android devices (including Android TV), Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, PS4, Chromecast, newer Roku devices, and on the Web. For your convenience, here’s how to get the VRV app on the above platforms.

Wait, doesn’t that mean HIDIVE will be on iOS, PS4, and Roku!?

First of all, you’ve got a sharp eye! That is indeed what’s happening. That said, we are planning or have launched HIDIVE standalone apps for many platforms, so stay tuned for details!


I can’t access VRV outside the US. What’s going on?

At this time, the VRV service is only available within the United States.

Does that mean I’m unable to watch your VRV channel outside the United States?

At this time, if you subscribe to HIDIVE on VRV, that is precisely what that means. If you’d like to access HIDIVE’s catalog from outside the United States and its territories, you can subscribe directly to us.

Will all my saved favorites, queues and other stuff on my existing HIDIVE account transfer over?

Sorry, they won’t. You will need a separate VRV account to access the HIDIVE channel on VRV.


I have additional questions about VRV in general.

Here’s a handy link to the VRV Help page!