Eligibility requirements

  • Any first time, existing, or returning subscriber who has a validated payment instrument associated with their account may redeem a gift code.
  • Customers whom choose to manage their HIDIVE subscription directly through iTunes are not eligible to redeem a promo code at this time.


How does it work? 

  • A HIDIVE gift code serves as a payment token and will be applied towards your recurring subscription balance.
  • A gift code may only be used in conjunction with an active account that has a validated payment card on file. Payment methods
  • You may see a temporary authorization hold on your bank statement any time you add or update the active payment instrument associated with your account. We immediately release the funds once we verify that a validate your payment instrument.  
  • The validated payment instrument associated with your active account will not incur a service charge until the first day of the first billing period where the remaining balance of the gift code is less than the amount owed for the billing period.

What else might I expect? 

  • You will forfeit the remaining gift code balance if you prematurely cancel your subscription.
  • Gift cards are not eligible for refunds.
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply. Terms of Use

How to apply - New customers

1.) Go to HIDIVE.com and click on the Free Trial button

2.) Choose between the monthly or yearly subscription plan. Next, enter your email address and password in the Account Info section. 

3.) Enter your gift code. 

4.) Add your payment information and you are all set! 


How to redeem- Existing customers

1.) Navigate to your “my account” page.

2.) Scroll to the bottom of the page and add your gift code in the promo and gift code section. That’s it! 

How can I check my gift code balance?

  • You may confirm your gift code balance by navigating to your “my account” page.
  • Your current gift code balance is reflected in the remaining credit section.
  • Your remaining credit balance is updated on the first day of your next bill cycle.
  • You can anticipate that your bill cycle date will be skipped and that your payment card on file will not incur a charge any time your remaining credit balance exceeds the amount due for the next billing period.