HIDIVE iOS App Subtitle Display


Are the subtitles on your HIDIVE iOS App displaying incorrectly? Are they centered, or displaying backward in order? If you are experiencing these issues we have some tips that may help improve this experiencing.


Apple sets the size of the display area proportionally to the size of the subtitles.

We have learned that they can be corrected to display in the proper area by setting the subtitle size.


To fix your subtitles, we recommend setting a subtitle style under: 

Settings > Accessibility > Subtitles & Captioning > Styles > Create New Style


See below for the recommended settings.



Save the above profile under a name of your choosing, select the new profile,

and your subtitles should go from this:

to this:


Are you still experiencing issues? Contact us through the Contact Us form or email us at help@hidive.com for more assistance.